Daw Aung San Suu Kyi according to Popular Journal – No.17, Vol – 20 (May, 28, 2013)


“Landmines are the hardcore of the peace and reconciliation process in our country. People with disabilities are constantly increasing in number due to the existence of landmines. To describe disability, or impairment, Myanmar has both people with physical or mental unfitness. It is reasonable to ask if the people who have planted landmines are disabled in their characters, or if it is us, who couldn’t help landmines disappear from the land, who are disabled. Therefore, I truly desire the recovery of the people who are injured, by any means: those who are physically or mentally struggling in life.”

~ Speech Given at the 4th annual anniversary of Shwe Min Tha Foundation. (Unofficial translation from the original by HMUM/B)