According to the government owned Global New Light of Myanmar, the Myanmar Army and Ethnic Armed Groups in Kayin (Karen) State have agreed to set up a pilot programme for clearance of antipersonnel mines. It was discussed that this should occur in areas designated for resettlement by people displaced during previous years of armed conflict. The discussions took place at a meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee set up under the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement of October 2015. The two sides agreed to resume discussions on mine clearance in November. It is reported that both the Myanmar Army and Ethnic Armed Groups would work together to clear mined areas, as is stated in the October 2015 agreement, but the report added that they would do so with “technical assistance from abroad”. This is the first time that there has been an indication by the combatants that there will be a role for international demining organizations. Several international mine clearance organizations established representative offices in Myanmar over the past few years, but to date have not been permitted to engage in mine clearance.