On 21 December 2022 a hybrid press conference was held for the Burmese press aton the Thai-Burma border

Since the Feburary 2021 coup in Myanmar, the military created State Administration Council systematically withdrew accreditation for most national journalists, raided offices, shut down media companies and imprisoned some journalists. For those who continued their profession, many are working in exile from the border areas of Burma.

A briefing on the 2022 Landmine Monitor Myanmar/Burma country report for exile journalists was organized in a safe location in Mae Sot, Thailand. Due to security concerns it was not advertised publicly but only by direct invitation to 40 Burmese media groups, and through known activists.

To avoid identification of the journalists only an audio record is available here. The event was conducted in both Burmese and English, and all presentation slides are attached as a pdf.

Slides used in presentation are here

Audio file of the event is here